About Bivaly

We are a women-run, Buffalo-based leisurewear company with limited edition cool-girl comfy clothes that are designed to hold space in your wardrobe regardless of what season you find yourself in. And in Buffalo, we all know that there are many…

We have exclusive monthly drops and no restocks so what you see is what you get. Our high end clothing is carefully hand picked from the blend of fabric down to the color shade of dye. Our market is set for trendsetters, as we are always evolving, just like the fashion industry.

Want to know more?

Bivaly is Born & Raised Shop’s cool younger sister, at least that’s the way we see her.

We pronounce the company name like this… Bi‧val‧ee. In Hungary, the word for Buffalo is Bivaly and since I, the owner, am Hungarian, we are rolling with it!